Universal player and Google analytics: Two holiday gifts.

We’ve added a couple new gifts for you this holiday season, and we think you’ll love them.

Google Analytics integration

We recently added the ability to integrate Castfire with your Google Analytics account. Additionally, each account can support multiple Google Analytics IDs to track more granularly.

To track all your data, visit your network’s player configuration page. Enter your Google Analytics ID, and events from Castfire will start showing up in your network.

Important: This player configuration only works with Castfire’s built-in player on the web, and not currently mobile devices. (Stay tuned on that front…)

Universal player

We’re rolling out another feature in beta, this one enables a universal player for your account which will play on any Android, iPhone or computer.

To enable, head to the plugins page (must be an admin) and activate “iframe” for your network.

Old user accounts demise

Some of our customers are using old “global” style user accounts. We’re going to be turning those accounts off next week.

If you need assistance with transitioning off of them, or need help with any of the features we’ve talked about, shoot us an email: support [at] castfire.com.

AOL launches AOL HD, powered by Castfire

AOL HD interface

Today, AOL announced that the company is launching AOL HD, a suite of apps designed to take AOL’s high-quality video content and deliver it in the living room, and we’re excited to announce that their solution utilizes Castfire. Through Castfire’s API, all content appearing in the apps is transcoded appropriately for each platform, and utilizing our feed system, AOL’s apps for Boxee, Roku, Divx and Yahoo!’s connected TV platform pull and display the content on the big screen.

While the web delivery of video is still handled by a variety of OVP’s, Castfire powers all of the AOL HD experiences. Our unique digital asset management, feeds and API’s provide the infrastructure for AOL to develop the living room apps.

This isn’t the first AOL launch utilizing Castfire, earlier this month, AOL launched Play, a music app for both Android and iOS, which also relies solely on the Castfire infrastructure.

HTML5 compatibility with our Flash players

Interested in using an HTML5-capable player on mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, or Android devices? We’ve just unveiled this new script that works with Castfire Flash embeds to turn them into HTML5-friendly goodness.

Simply add this code to the header of your page, and you’re good to go:


Any questions? Hit up support@castfire.com and we’ll answer them for you, or leave a comment on this post.

How does Castfire work?

We get a lot of questions from a lot of folks about how we differ from other platforms. People want to know how they can integrate, whether we handle custom CDNs, among other questions. To help clear it up, we created this video to explain some of the basics. We’re always happy, of course, to answer your specific questions, but this should give you a general idea of why people love Castfire.