Mobile Web Mile High WiFi Club

I just took a recent flight and was shocked by the number of people I saw toting their iPads.  What struck me wasn’t just the number of iPads I saw, but what many people were doing with them — watching video.  The individual right next to me was actually streaming a Netflix movie on-demand.  This would have been impossible a short time ago, but the mobile web is truly becoming a reality.

With the $37 Million Row 44 just raised coupled with the deep pockets of Aircell (GoGo Inflight Internet) more and more airlines will be outfitted with WiFi.  Most major carriers have installed service on key flight segments, and Southwest just announced every plane will have WiFi soon.  Each airline seems to have very different pricing models for what they charge however.  The flight I was just on (Alaska Airlines) was only $5 for a domestic flight using the GoGo service, and I hope that most carriers will follow suit.  At that price it is just a no-brainer to turn on any device you have and enable the WiFi.  It just opens up the doors to productivity and entertainment.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some were streaming movies on their Android or iPhones for such a low entry point.

Thank you FCC for approving WiFi in the air….improving our lives and entertainment one mobile connection at a time.

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